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October 2012

I've been remiss, I know...

It turns out, having two children is not simply twice the work; it's more like 4 or 5 times the work!  With Su in school, and Lucy on the verge of walking, it seems like things are always moving.  Su just lost her first tooth, and Lucy just got her first tooth.  My last post on this blog was 6 months ago, and both of my girls are growing faster than ever.  I can barely keep up, even when I'm not blogging.  There just aren't enough hours in the day!

Anyway, I'll try to be a little more conscientious (and hopefully more prolific) in blogging about some of the things my girls do as they grow.  Meanwhile, here is a picture of Su with a new gap in her mouth...


Oh, and just as I was downloading the pic above, Su was looking over my shoulder and reading phrases like "Su in school" and "Create a post."  Her reading ability is accelerating at quite a pace!

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October 2012 CBA Bible Bestsellers

Once again, I'm checking in on the Bible Bestsellers list compiled by the Christian Booksellers' Association.  I notice with interest that the CEB is gaining more ground these days, unseating the HCSB from the #6 spot it used to occupy.  (I haven't checked in on the list for several months, so this may not be a new development.)  Here is the list...

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Meanwhile, the NIV and the good ol' KJV continue to rule the roost, as they usually do.  I've always wonder why the NKJV is always so high on the list; I suspect it's based mostly on ignorance of the options available.  People want the traditionalism of the KJV, but are afraid of the "thees and thous," so they go with something that is more or less familiar.

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