Wrapping up Lent #CEBTour
Last day of the Lenten beard! #CEBTour

My big girl

Su just seems to get smarter and smarter every single day.  A week ago, we noticed Lucy really loved to play with a ball that looks a bit like this:

I told Su it wasn't really strictly a ball, as it has 24 sides.  We looked online to see what a 24-sided polygon would be called, and one of the terms for it was "icositetragon."  The next day, I said to Su, "Can you get Lucy's whatchacallit?"  Su said, without pausing, "It's an icositetragon, Dad...remember?"  Wow.

Sometimes Su says things that I have only ever heard adults say.  For example, the other day, she announced, "I ate broccoli, and it gave me the gas!"  What five year old calls it "the gas"?  Funny.

Being a parent can be frustrating and exhausting.  I believe anyone who tries to tell you it's all joy upon joy is being highly selective with their memory.  But it can be extremely rewarding much of the time--watching them develop their own personalities, watching them learn, knowing that some day they won't need you, not the way they once did.  Sunrise, sunset...

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