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A new, faithful spirit to go with a shorter beard? #CEBTour

Last day of the Lenten beard! #CEBTour

You must not cut off the hair on your forehead or clip the ends of your beard. 

(Leviticus 19:27, CEB)

Yes, this is the last day I shall have the beard I have been growing throughout Lent!  I shan't be shaving down to bare skin, as I prefer having a trimmed beard.  But I shall be losing this Charlton-Heston-as-Moses-style beard that I have been cultivating for the past 40-odd days.  Oh what a relief!


People have asked me, when I have told them I have abstained from trimming my beard, "How is that giving something up?  Isn't it just easier that way?"  Maybe for some men it would be, but for me it has been a trial.  The mustache gets in the way of eating; my infant daughter loves to tug on the beard.  Every time I see myself in the mirror, I think, "Who is that old guy looking back at me?"  It's not that I'm all that vain about my beard.  It's just that, in general, I have a mental image of what I look like, and it's easier for me if I keep things pretty close to that image.

Tomorrow, when I actually trim this thing, I will post Before and After pics for my readers' entertainment.  

Meanwhile, have a meaningful Good Friday!

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